WazirX co-founder wants to fix blockchain gaming

Tegro, Siddharth Menon’s new startup with SuperGaming, plans a market for crypto gaming assets. But the big questions remain unanswered.

Siddharth Menon is a calm man. That’s a rare sight among crypto founders during a bear market. Part of the reason why he’s able to maintain his cool is because this isn’t the first time Menon has had to sell an idea to a room of sceptics. Having built one of India’s early cryptocurrency exchanges, WazirX, he says he knows what that feels like to be doubted. 

“WazirX was built during perhaps the worst time for cryptos,” he says. “So I’m not surprised if people are now looking at Tegro with suspicion too.” 

In late 2019, Binance—the Cayman Islands-headquartered crypto …


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